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UPDATED 2012/2013
"News" DVD didactic exercises and detailed explanations to all the secrets to dance better. Learn moreDVD didactic. Tango, Milonga, Waltz and Argentine Folklore
"Event" APERIMILONGA. From September 2012 prompted renewed Leini Milonga (TO). Learn moreAPERICENA. The Milonga Leini (TO)
"News" TANGO CLASSES. Calendar 2012/2013. New courses and venues. All informationTANGO CLASSES. Updated information: Hours, days, locations, levels!!!
"Event" All information on exhibitions, stage, festivals 2012/13 the encontras here or on Facebook.CALENDAR 2012/13
"News" You're our student missed a lesson! Find the video on our Youtube channel. VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
"News" Is reaching a new way to have fun, lose calories and exercising. "Coming all the infomation.".
"News" T-SHIRT tango 100x100. Created by Fernando. Complete catalog. Click here!. I chose a t-shirt to give away. GIVE A PERSONALIZED T-SHIRT.!!!!!
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